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We're New In Town

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The Critter is an online magazine of original art and thought that arises from a love of words, ideas, and conversations and a conviction that engagement with them is worthwhile. The Critter is a source for literary and cultural criticism, stories, essays, and reviews that provoke responses.

More than a fleeting distraction, we at The Critter aspire to create content worth rereading and physical printing. This magazine is the brainchild of two creators and interpreters of literature and culture who seek to enlighten, empower, and interact with real people. We are committed to an ongoing conversation with our readers because we are concerned with making this an endeavor that earns your attention.

The Critter is generative. It is a figuring out of its creators and community through process. As an advocate of understanding and a nurturer of communication, it is a space to be right or wrong or just to be. Through embracing this concerted evolution, we hope The Critter may be an incubator of truth, originality, and excellence.


Beyond a mission statement, you may want to get to know us better. We are siblings--Erin and Wesley Snedeker from Southwest Florida. We both hold Masters degrees. Erin has an MFA in Creative Writing from Cedar Crest College and Wesley has an MDiv from Chicago Theological Seminary. Throughout our experiences in education and employment we have each spent a lot of time with words. Our work arises from our love of what we do. Here, we offer up art and artistic discussion, and also consideration of culture and society.

We are so excited to be sharing this project with you! Look out for new pieces every Tuesday and Thursday. If you like our stuff, check out our social media (links above), and sign up for our email list!

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