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Movie Night

How delirious it is to feel so intensely

That you must clutch the arm of your loved one

And bury your face in their shoulder

And squint your eyes tightly closed.

Buttered popcorn falls from your lap to the sticky floor

The speakers make the seats rumble

Your tongue is sweet from soda

And all the things you want to say at once.

How wonderful it is to have your hand encompassed

Safe and protected inside the hand of your date

He squeezes your fingers and gives you a side glance

You smile and a warmth fills your chest.

The moment passes, the movie rolls onward

You settle back into your seat

The thrill of the date and the movie

Makes your head light.

Emotions have always made your body burn

Made your throat tight, your eyes sting

Made your knees and hands tremble

Made your voice soft

What great terrible sadness you have felt

And what wonderful, wild, bright happiness.

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