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Vol. 6: Fractured

The Critter is released in volumes, with each new edition drawing from and exploring a question, idea, or theme. 

A world splintered, savaged by pain and fear. How will we navigate the hard conversations? How will we grow? How will we heal?

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About The Critter

The Critter is an original art and thought project that arises from a love of words, ideas, and conversations and a conviction that engagement with them is worthwhile. The Critter is a source for literary and cultural criticism, stories, essays, and reviews that provoke responses.

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C r e a t o r s


Erin Snedeker

Erin Snedeker is an author from Southwest Florida. She wrote her first children's book: The Littlest Elf: Marvin McGee and the Candle of Fate as a senior in high school. She earned a BA in English Literature from the University of South Florida and an MFA in Creative Writing at Cedar Crest College's Pan-European creative writing program. At The Critter, Erin writes fiction, poetry, reviews, and essays.


Wesley Snedeker

Wesley Snedeker is an ordained UCC minister and chaplain based in Southwest Florida. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 with a BA in Music Studies and Religious Studies, which he followed in 2019 with an MDiv from Chicago Theological Seminary. At The Critter, Wesley interrogates culture and moral issues, writing essays, reviews, and nonfiction.


Brooks Applegate

Brooks Applegate studied English and Philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University. His interests include tattoos, postmodern lit, and Hegel. He takes photos for the Critter, along with examining politics, philosophy, and culture.

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